work continues on the freight station….

While the Santa Monica Freight Station is the basis of my scratch built freight station, but I am not building a board by board copy. Due to the Grandt Line windows that I am using, I am have to make it taller to compensate. I have decided to build the loading dock as a separate, solid base.

There are six walls, and I have pictures of four of them. One wall is very short, at the end of the office. It is safe to say, in the four feet of this wall, that there is no window or door. Since the model is slightly smaller than the prototype (other than height), I removed one of windows of the office wall. I have placed all of the doors and the window on the longest wall, and the office end wall.

From research, it seems like the station was either a two tone gray, or a solid gray in 1953. The freight dock was a dark brown. The only thing that I have not been able to find, is a picture of the end of the freight section. Some Pacific Electric and Southern Pacific stations  have windows, others have freight doors, and a few ends had no openings.

Part of me wants to put a freight door on the end.

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