Playing with a new track plan….

I have been thinking that I need to design a new plan of Casa Grande. In the plans are Arizona Grain, the oil distribution company, and a cotton mill. I am going  to use the Walthers ADM grain elevator for Arizona Grain, New Jersy Intl. has a oil company, add in a few more tanks of random size, and the cotton mill is going to have to be scratch built. Fortunatly, they look pretty straight forward, with few windows and corigated metal exterior walls. I have yet to see a photo of one while they were served by the SP, but there is one on Thorton between 9th and Main and another in Maricopa.

Now I can get close-enough’s or easy scratchbuilds, but the 1939 art deco station is going to be difficult to scratch build. The prototype burnt down 2 years ago, and while there are a few good photos, the Borg even tore out the foundation. One option would be to use the Model Railroad Way-Back Machine. in 1939, the orrigional Southern Pacific depot that was built arround 1880, was simular to the SP Type 22, and American Model Builders has one in N Scale…oh the choices…


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